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Discover the Value of Using Our Paint Estimating Service

You have nothing to lose by trying our service. Within a short time, we will earn your trust and build a long-lasting relationship with you. This will free up your time to focus on increasing sales and growing a more successful painting company.

Expand your bidding capabilities quickly by subscribing to our monthly service or custom subscription-based bid estimate. With this subscription, you can easily select up to 5 projects per month from our confidential list of completed take-offs. Within 24 hours, we will send you the bids of your choice. Feel free to inquire about this service.

Once you are awarded the project, you can request us to complete a 'job ready' take-off. It will be highlighted, color-coded, and ready to hand to your job foreman. The take-off will include specifications and a written scope of work, ensuring that your foreman knows exactly what needs to be done on the job. Alternatively, you can complete this task yourself to gain a complete understanding of the project.

Our quotes are more affordable than what you would spend on your own full-time in-house estimators. Hiring full-time estimators can cost a company between $60k and $150k per year, not to mention the additional expenses such as payroll, state and federal taxes, worker's compensation insurance, liability insurance, software purchases, monthly fees for plan rooms or software service plans, support for company vehicles, fuel expenses, printing costs, and added cell phone bills.

We save you a bundle!