Paint Takeoffs

Paint Takeoffs

At Paint Estimators we provide you with all the information you need at a bare minimum cost. This way you can effectively bid on numerous projects for less. Our method has proven to be the most effective way to bid. What other companies are selling costs more because they are doing more. When it’s a paint bid you don’t need “the more”, you need just enough to bid on the project. 

Bidding is only a chance. There are other aspects of the bid that are very important to all customers.

  • Consistency: bid is always in line with the scope of the drawings. 
  • Reliability: providing quotes as needed and on time to your accounts so your accounts can win more projects.
  • Relationships: completing the project as scheduled, on time. 
  • Communication: more is always better, be honest and do what you say. Never let others down.

These four actions will bring you brand awareness and increase your sales more than anything else. It all starts with paint estimating. The more you can provide the quicker things happen.

We can customize your bid takeoffs to meet your needs. If you would like something more, please let us know. We can assign a specific estimator to complete your projects, someone you can communicate with if you have questions or need clarification. 

If you need help pricing projects we can certainly assist you with this process as well. Remember your success is our success!