Wallcoverings Of All Kinds

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Wallcoverings Of All Kinds

As part of our take-off services, we also provide you with all related costs to supply all the wallcovering materials and square footages to install each of these products. This is the most time-consuming part of any takeoff. We complete an area takeoff for each wallcovering found on the drawings. With this information we can go to each vendor for a job quote, we can then calculate the proper amount of wallcovering required to complete each area with its selected wallcovering.

There are many different factors to consider when calculating these products, first is size:

  • 20” inch rolls
  • 27” inch rolls
  • 48” wide bolts
  • 54” wide bolts 
  • Sheet goods
  • Products sold by square foot.

Specific information for each product, how the material is packaged and sold:

  • Repeat to the pattern
  • Minimum orders
  • Cut charges
  • Freight costs
  • Attic stock 
  • Waste

With this information, we can accurately figure your cost per square feet to supply each wallcovering specified on the project.  We will populate the takeoff worksheet sheet with the cost per square foot for each material. (Specifically for this project based on the factors above) This pricing will include material, Tax, shipping OH &P (10%) so you can complete each area.

If the wallcoverings are owner supplied, we will simply state that in the takeoff package.